The Starry Night – A composition of oil paint and experience that began as a blank canvas

Elk schilderij is ooit begonnen als een leeg canvas. In 1889 zeker ook op een schildersezel. De Sterrennacht begon als canvas. Kleurenfotografie stond nog in de kinderschoenen. Ik vermoed niet dat Vincent van Gogh als armlastige schilder daar beschikking over had. Bovendien denk ik dat nachtfotografie nog niet mogelijk was. Voor het schilderen van De sterrennacht moest Vincent op 25 mei 1889 dus echt naar buiten in Saint-Remy-de-Provence.

These clients preceded you

Every painting once started as a blank canvas. In 1889, certainly, also on an easel. Starry Night began as a canvas. Color photography was still in its infancy. I don’t suspect that Vincent van Gogh, as a pauper painter, had access to that. Moreover, I don’t think night photography was possible yet. To paint The starry night Vincent had to actually go outside in Saint-Remy-de-Provence on May 25, 1889.

Painting is an art

Now I don’t know about your painting, but mine is non-existent. Other than painting a wall at home with a solid color, I really don’t get anywhere.

What I’m a lot better at is LEGO. I’m AFOL. Adult Fan of LEGO. For AFOLs, the main focus is collecting and building. Such as building designs conceived by other people. And there are many of them. Similarly, there is a version of Vincent’s The Starry Night. Conceived by an AFOL from Hong Kong.

Experience expert crucial for success

And as much as I enjoy building with LEGO, even making a replica of an existing painting is not for me. Or rather, not now. When I make sure I have more experience and more experts around me as a sounding board, I’m sure it will work. And furthermore, don’t forget that the time factor might also be a thing….×245.jpgSome fan creations are interesting enough for the LEGO Group to release commercially. Similarly, The Starry Night. A museum-quality version has been released in collaboration with The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), where the original is on display. A 3D reinterpretation of Vincent van Gogh’s unique brushstrokes. Includes a Vincent van Gogh minifigure, brush, palette and easel.

All in all, a splendid result that, for € 169.99, can also be placed on your sideboard. You buy a box of stones, get the manual and make this LEGO set as conceived. All you have to do after that is enjoy it.

Time to bridge to other forms of composition.

Composition platform resembles blank canvas

Gradually, full custom high-code (Java, C++, C#) solutions are giving way to solutions created with composition platforms. Examples include Documentum xCP from OpenText, Pega from Pegasystems, and the leading enterprise low code platforms Mendix and OutSystems.

With all these platforms you also buy a box of blocks – or components. With an accompanying manual. Not the manual that explains how to create the solution. It is a manual that describes how the blocks work. Because there is no one who has figured out for you what the solution should be and especially how you will then realize it. No step-by-step instruction of the composition that leads to the desired result with the business.

Back to LEGO

Back to LEGO for a moment. Imagine getting The Starry Night without a manual. So just the blocks. Would you then come to the desired result?

Buying a composition platform doesn’t get you there. Of course you had an immediate reason to purchase. Of course you have an initial application in mind. Often those succeeded as well. But how to proceed? It’s a common question: help us think about what solutions we can realize with the platform. This is, after all, a profession in its own right. Especially if you have solutions in mind that must extend beyond a single department and comply with laws and regulations.

Properly utilizing purchased Composition platform

How do you address that? I often illustrate it using this image. With the introduction of a new platform, you think of Greenfield. Think The Sky Is The Limit. And to that blank canvas. A completely new project that is in no way limited by previous work. You are thinking of a project that has unlimited possibilities. Color it in.×228.jpg

And then it turns out that you still need something for that. Experience.

An easel without paint splatter is from a painter without experience. Find that easel with paint splatters. Then you have the partner who can help you leverage your composition platform. Like that of your low code platform. Who understands the possibilities and limitations of the cubes in the platform. Who knows that not the sky, but your platform is the limit. Who knows that Greenfield is not just green, but also has to do with existing reality and is therefore partly Brownfield.

The question, of course, is: do you have that experience?

Informed Group has been working with composition and low code platforms for over 10 years. Is that experience of interest to you? Then get in touch.


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