Overcoming customer experience barriers


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A customer-first culture must find physical expression in the customer experience and in processes that are optimised with the customer in mind.

In our increasingly digital world, this means CX professionals must have both a tight partnership with IT and a digital CX strategy built on an agile, modern development platform.
You don’t have to break up existing legacy systems in order to drive true digital CX transformation: you can make the most of what you already have and extend it to ensure that technology is driven by the customer and not vice versa.
The bottom line is that the delivery of a great digital customer experience cannot be outsourced – and will not be realised if CX and IT teams inhabit different worlds. As Informed Group we have found a partner in OutSystems that, for the first time, provides a technology platform and organisational backbone that enables true collaboration between IT and CX professionals – and makes a customer-first culture a reality rather than an unrealisable aspiration.

In this whitepaper, you will read in more detail about these topics:

Creating a customer-first culture

Light at the end of the tunnel

A modern, high-speed application development platform

The key barriers to implementing a customer-first culture

The importance of CX/IT collaboration in the post COVID world

Problems? What Problems?

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Informed Group partners with OutSystems to deliver the best customer experience for intelligent information management. Combining low code and content services brings you a path into the future without throwing you existing investments into the bin.


Recent AIIM research among hundreds of information management professionals revealed several data point. One that we believe is important to you is this: Companies seeing improvement in the alignment of their information management strategies with their business strategies have purposefully focused on the needs and expectations of the customer, both internal and external.

This confirms Informed Group’s mission: Connecting People to the Enterprise. Building a bridge between users and information management.

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