New release DQL Buddy 1.3.0.

New release DQL Buddy

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We continuously improve DQL Buddy to solve problems, improve performance and add new features. DQL Buddy is our FREE comprehensive toolkit that supports and facilitates your daily work with Documentum. The new release DQL Buddy 1.3.0. is now available.

Improvements made in new release:

  • The Clear button on the DQL and API Script tabs is split into Clear Console and Clear Script buttons;
  • ScriptRunner can now be used from the command line;
  • The log level of ScriptRunner can be changed from TRACE to any other level;
  • Several bug fixes in Repository Browser;
  • Fixed bug on recursive export. The metadata of the root folder was not exported, this is solved;
  • Fixed bug on the Deliveries tab. The result list columns have been expanded and have ensured that the primary view is displayed on the first row.

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