My surprising start at the Young Professional Academy

In mei zijn we weer gestart met onze Young Professional Academy. Een opleiding waarin we nieuwe collega’s binnen twee maanden opleiden tot low-code consultants. We laten de komende weken onze nieuwe collega’s aan het woord om te vertellen over hun ervaringen. Vandaag is het de eer aan Rudy Roelandts die zijn eerste werkweek beschrijft.

These clients preceded you

In May, we started our Young Professional Academy again. A training program in which we train new colleagues to become low-code consultants within two months. We will be featuring our new colleagues in the coming weeks to talk about their experiences. Today it is the honor of Rudy Roelandts who describes his first working week.

My acquaintance

The very first time I heard about Informed Group was through a friend who showered me with enthusiastic stories about his work. He made me so curious that I also kept asking questions. He told me that Informed Group specialized in IT consulting. And that this company really felt like a close-knit family to him. Since I am also interested in the new technologies within ICT, I asked if they were looking for new colleagues. To my surprise, this was the case. Within a few weeks, I was already invited for an introductory meeting. How nice, it immediately clicked on all fronts. Everything I was looking for, I found at Informed Group. I get to turn my passion into knowledge. I do this by participating in the Young Professional Academy. To be allowed to develop into a low-code consultant.

Start to Young Professional Academy Low code

Young Professional AcademyAs of May, I started attending the Young Professional Academy. Along with three other equally motivated new colleagues. Immediately on my first day of work, I received a warm welcome. This began with an extensive tour of the office. Which also allowed me to immediately meet some of my new colleagues. Including a number of high end consultants in the field of information management. I was pleasantly surprised by the tremendous hospitality I was able to experience during this introductory day.

Introduction Day

After a delicious cup of coffee and many engaging conversations, we were given a super inspiring introduction to the origins of Informed Group. Where the company comes from. And what it stands for and goes for. This was followed by a fun introductory card game. The day flew by. And from then on, my interest and enthusiasm in information management only increased.

Start Young Professional Academy

The first knowledge I received was about a clear basic explanation of the various information systems I will soon be working with. I felt tremendously motivated to understand everything well. Regardless of the enormous amount of information we received in a short period of time. This was mainly also because of the willingness of all colleagues to help us. And we also received extensive answers to all our questions.


In addition to product content knowledge, the Young Professional Academy also focuses on our skills. Thus, the rest of our first work week consisted of customer-focused communication. Because as a consultant it is of course important that you communicate with our customers in an interactive and professional way. Surprisingly, I got to know a more social and creative part of myself that I didn’t even know I had in me.

And with that wisdom, I closed my first work week. I remembered my friend’s words. And now felt part of the Informed Group family as well. This is because I am surrounded by people who share the same knowledge and passion for their work. I am immensely curious about what the future holds for me within this company.

After reading Rudy’s blog, do you want to know more about the Young Professional Academy? Contact us, we’ll be happy to tell you when the next academy starts again.


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