Modernize legacy EIM applications

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Do you feel the pressure to deliver more with the same people, in less time? Is there an increasing need for information and applications for employees, customers and suppliers? But is your organisation hampered in this by EIM/ECM systems that have been implemented in the long past and cannot be replaced just like that? With the knowledge and expertise of our consultants, it is possible to develop process-driven business applications quickly and on demand. Or improve. For example, we have various business solutions to bring a business idea to fruition. We help to modernize legacy EIM applications with new techniques. Like combining low-code with existing (EIM) systems.

Agile approach

Informed Group is happy to advise and think along. For example about the influence that a new or changed information system has on the entire company. What does modernizing legacy EIM applications mean for the employees, the systems and the organization? We always think in terms of opportunities. Our EIM consultants configure custom applications from an agile approach. For the fast and efficient digitisation of work processes so that they integrate optimally with business systems. This is how we connect IT with the business and only create real value. This results in flexible modernization of legacy devices. Here we apply the technology of our partners OpenText Documentum, OutSystems and Microsoft 365.

We build, manage and improve enterprise information applications

We help our customers to successfully transform towards digitalisation of their organisations and markets. This keeps companies agile, improves operational efficiency and enables them to remain competitive. Which ensures continuity. We do this for example by providing advanced solutions and services in the field of EIM and Low-Code. We build, manage and improve enterprise information applications. This is how we stimulate innovation. Moreover, this way we get more insight from data in a safe and orderly way. As a result, the customer maximizes the value of the EIM system. As a result, we deliver functionalities or front-end applications required by the business much faster. With more development expertise.

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