Looking for a sparring partner?

Looking for a sparring partner

These clients preceded you

Our experienced and certified consultants bring innovation and added value. Because they have unique knowledge and experience. For example in the field of OpenText Documentum (such as xCP and D2), InfoArchive, AppWorks, OutSystems Low-code and Microsoft 365. Driven by talent, passion and know-how, we enjoy working with our clients. Based on this relationship of trust, our consultants give solicited and unsolicited advice as soon as they think that another technical solution is better or cheaper. Moreover, all our consultants have technical skills. So that they can quickly switch to an ICT department. They also include communication skills. This allows them to easily build a bridge to your business processes. And the employees who are active in it. Looking for a sparring partner? We like to think and act.

We surprise, relieve and enrich

We offer solutions for processing unstructured data into information fit for use. From data to dashboard. Applying technology provided by our partners. We are technical, pragmatic and communicative. And always bring the necessary experience. Our high end consultants configure custom applications to digitize work processes quickly and efficiently. So that they integrate optimally with business systems.

Driven by talent, passion and know-how

With our Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions, we create an environment that is flexible, secure and logical. For our customers and the users of this environment. Such as user-friendly interfaces, clear apps and efficient connections between systems. In this way, we support the needs of the users. Without making concessions to the working methods, rules and guidelines of the organisation. This is how we get the most out of all available data.

We present a few consultant profiles

Business Consultants

Our business consultants will be happy to help you on your way to digital transformation. This stimulates innovation and optimises information flows. Our consultants are experienced in virtually every branch of industry and feel comfortable working in a bridge function between your business and IT-staff. As a customer you are optimally counselled when they contribute their knowledge and expertise in information management. All for the purpose of creating an optimum bond between the requirements of the people in your organisation and the demands imposed by the enterprise. Independent of the technology, our business consultants help with every EIM challenge.

Technical Consultants

Our certified and experienced technology consultants are pleased to help you continue on your digital journey. We are happy to deliver technology fit for the success of your information management. This way we assure the top quality of our products and our full support given to customers. Our consultants also have experience in almost every industry. As a result, they easily adapt to your way of working. We offer technical consultants specializing in OpenText Documentum (both D2 and xCP), and InfoArchive at all levels.

Support Consultants

In the view of our support consultants, application implies much more than just solving problems. It goes far beyond this. We like to team up with you when it comes down to cause analysis and preventive and corrective maintenance. We like for instance to propose solutions optimally supporting your application in day-to-day use. As this added support value appears to have long-term effects on cost-effectiveness it is more than worth the effort.

Need for a sparring partner

Curious about one of our consultant profiles? Are you looking for a sparring partner? Please contact us for more information. Or to make an appointment.


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