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De wereld om ons heen digitaliseert steeds sneller. Daarom biedt de IT sector veel baankansen. Hoe maken we leerlingen uit wijken met een sociaaleconomische achterstand op tijd bewust van dit toekomstperspectief? Informed Group inspireert en helpt door kennisdeling!

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The world around us is digitizing at an ever-increasing rate. Therefore, the IT sector offers many job opportunities. How do we make students from neighborhoods with socioeconomic disadvantage aware of this future prospect in time? Informed Group inspires and helps through knowledge sharing!

Through JINC‘s Digital Skills project, our consultants, teach children to think like a computer during a hands-on lesson at school. Thus, they become more aware of the digital world. And in addition, they also learn how science and technology are used to solve problems in society.

Children at work with robot and sprinkles

Last week, it was that time again. Children from group 5 to 8 of the public elementary school Buikslotermeer in Amsterdam were challenged by us to answer the following question: How do you let a robot spread a sandwich with chocolate sprinkles?

As a partner of JINC, our colleagues David van der Schors and Martijn van Doesselaar taught these children the basics of programming. In doing so, they additionally discovered what opportunities the IT sector offers. With projects like Digital Skills, non-profit organization JINC helps children, who grow up in neighborhoods with socioeconomic disadvantages, on their way to a good start in the labor market.

What is an algorithm?

The focus of project Digital Skills is on Computational Thinking. This means learning to approach and solve problems logically using computer technology. During these classes, the elementary school’s own teachers are assisted by professionals from the business community. Our consultants do this a few times a year with much love and pleasure. So too last week in Amsterdam-Noord.

JINC“It’s incredibly fun to teach children basic skills in computer language, algorithms and automation. We showed them how computers and robots think. And we did this without going too deep into technology. I also enjoyed using my role model to inspire children and take them into the world of IT and work,” says an enthusiastic Martijn, Manager of Consultancy Services.

Digital skills

During our digital skills lessons, children discover that robots are made by humans. And that robots make the world much easier. We explain to the children that through a very precise step-by-step plan these robots are programmed. And that this is called an algorithm. “I loved getting to work with these kids. They are curious and ask a lot of questions.”, adds colleague David. Working in daily life as an EIM consultant and also a member of our Leadership team.

Everyone grows with JINC

JINC helps young people on their way to work and thus makes a fine contribution to equality of opportunity. Because every child has talent. That’s why JINC is fighting with the business community and schools for a society where your background does not determine your future. Informed Group has a sense of social commitment. Which is why, as a proud partner of JINC, we are happy to inspire these students for a promising job in the IT sector. From the principles of learning to program. Therefore, the JINC digital skills project fits perfectly within our CSR policy.


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