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Is your intellectual property safely stored? Protecting the content of documents in a simple and effective way is crucial nowadays. Improve quality data management with our business solution Knowledge Protector.

Security of intellectual property crucial

All businesses want their intellectual property to be stored well-structured and in a secure environment; preferably archives. Reversely, users like sales organisations want to share information with partners and customers. That’s where collaboration comes in. And exactly where the conflict often lies. How to ensure that people may actually use the information, but in a controlled way, up to a certain set level? In short: making your information easily available, everywhere and on each device, but still prescribing the moment and place in which documents are (not) available for inspection. Manage information management.

Improve quality data management

With its Knowledge Protector Informed Group proposes a user-friendly solution by which your own organisation can prescribe exactly when and where users are allowed access to documents. Sharing of information remains the starting point, only this is highly secured because the rights management is under control of your Data Management System (DMS). Access to trusted locations may be restricted for instance.

User-friendly Rights Management

We establish a connection between the rules and procedures of the user-unfriendly document management system and the user requirements for working with that information. We propose another platform for such purposes and to make the information on this platform more easily accessible and retrievable in an environment experienced as much more natural for working in. Ask us for the possibilities of Knowledge Protector and we will be happy to explain.


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