Hyperautomation. What is it and why do you want to apply it?


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Hyperautomation. A word that is becoming more common. It is a combination of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Robotoc Process Automation (RPA). What is hyperautomation and why do you want to apply it?

Digital acceleration

Aren’t we all concerned with how we accelerate digitally without information falling into the wrong hands? Because customer needs are always changing. What are the right steps in this? Stick with existing solutions or switch to other systems. Understanding the end user and investing in the right digital technology and tools are therefore crucial.

Whitepaper Hyperautomation

To learn more, download our white paper. In this white paper, we give you a head start by summarizing what hyperautomation is and what the trends are. We provide insight to help you make the right choices. So that you build the optimal bridge between your end users and your organization.


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Knowledge Center Information Management

Informed Groupacts as a knowledge center and driver of innovation for information management. We help companies in accelerating digital transformation. For example, we optimize and modernize business processes and user interfaces of Enterprise Information Management systems. We put their enterprise information intelligently with the use of a low-code platform and an agile approach. Here we apply the technology of our partners OpenText Documentum, Outsystemsand Microsoft 365. If you still have questions as a result of the white paper, just contact us without obligation. We are happy to help.


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