How to inspire children for the promising ICT sector

Inspire children for a promising ICT sector

These clients preceded you

This past week, Informed Group finally had the opportunity to contribute to JINC’s school Digital Skills program again. This time CEO Jeroen Jansen and senior consultant Firdous Hassankhan had the honour to enthuse children about information technology. Together with the children from group 5 and 6 from the Einsteinschool in Amsterdam we talked about Plastic Soup and Algorithms. In this way we showed how to approach a problem analytically and solve it step by step like a computer.

JINC helps young people find a job

JINC is the national non-profit organisation that helps disadvantaged children on their way to a good future. In addition to financial support, as a partner we would like to convey our knowledge and enthusiasm of the promising ICT sector. So that young people from neighbourhoods with a socio-economic disadvantage are helped to get a good start on the labour market.

Inspiring curriculum

To enthuse the children, we had prepared an accessible and inspiring teaching programme. The following topics were covered:

  • What is Plastic Soup?
  • What happens to the seas and oceans?
  • How do you prevent pollution?
  • What are algorithms?
  • Designing your own robot with algorithms

Lots of interaction with the students

Our senior EIM consultant Firdous Hassankhan: “I thought it was a great morning. The interaction between me and the students gave me enormous pleasure and satisfaction. I was able to introduce the children to the phenomenon of algorithms in a playful manner. I did this through a craft exercise, where the students designed a robot on their own.

The aim of the assignment was to make the students aware of ‘plastic soup’. The final results were impressive. All efforts resulted in surprisingly beautiful and creative works of art, to my own surprise. This shows that children are naturally very creative and sometimes come up with surprisingly out-of-the-box solutions. I hope I have been able to inspire and motivate the children. To be more environmentally conscious on the one hand and to teach algorithms on the other. I look forward to the continuation of this. Because during the next lesson, we’ll take it a step further and teach the kids to program.”

A promising ICT sector

Again we had a lot of fun with a group of enthusiastic, creative and eager to learn children. As a JINC partner from the business world, we introduced them to the possibilities of the digital world. The aim is to inspire children for the promising ICT sector.

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