Flying start at the Young Professional Academy OutSystems

Young Professional Academy OutSystems

These clients preceded you

In May, we launched our Young Professional Academy OutSystems again. A training program in which we train new colleagues to become low-code consultants within two months. We will be featuring our new colleagues in the coming weeks to talk about their experiences. Today, it’s Jeffrey Fischer’s honor to describe his first work week.

Flying start Jeffrey Fischer

Highly motivated, I began the Young Professional Academy program. A course in which I learn to develop applications in low-code within two months. Using OutSystems. The first week already ended in great success for me. I’m happy to explain why.

We kicked off with a comprehensive introduction to the how, what and why of Informed Group. During the rest of the week we mainly worked on further developing our soft skills. So that with that gained knowledge we will start improving our coding skills in the second week.

Opportunities with OutSystems

Young Professional AcademyWe were introduced to a variety of projects that our Informed Group colleagues are currently working on. This gave us a good first impression of what is possible with OutSystems‘ software. With the positive result that it became very concrete for us what kind of projects we will be working on ourselves in the future. After these practical and imaginative stories about OutSystems projects, two learning sessions followed. During two afternoons, there was a lot of knowledge transfer about Enterprise Information Management.

The power of a good story

Following that, on Wednesday we got to work on our soft skills. This training was provided by YSE. Among other things, we learned how to make a presentation interesting and entertaining. By working on your skills. So you know how to tell your story in an engaging way. We also learned the importance of who you give your presentation to. What does the listener want answers to? In other words, what is the message of your story. Do you want your presentation to educate, entertain or empower the listener?

Design Thinking

Thursday was all about design thinking. To understand the problem, we learned to brainstorm solutions. In the process, we also gained knowledge of various tricks for brainstorming. This was followed by a session on the design process. Includes a testing phase and an agile way to improve the solution created.

Trusted advisor

During the last two afternoons of the week, we had a lesson on the behavior of a trusted advisor. What attributes do you need to ensure that you are seen as a trusted advisor. Finally, we are trained to be a low-code consultant.

The last day was about the need behind the request. How to make sure you understand each other well. How should you act in this. Through which you learn to ask the right questions so you know the question behind the question. For example, we learned different techniques in nonverbal behavior and got to work on speaking techniques. Which will get you the good information you really need.

To summarize, in our first week of training at the Young Professional Academy OutSystems, we absorbed a lot of theoretical knowledge about information management. In addition, we learned many communication skills. With many relevant eye-openers for myself. I look forward to the sequel.


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