Expanding OutSystems knowledge

Expanding OutSystems knowledge

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Informed Group’s team continues to expand. This is Micha Sulman. Our new senior EIM consultant with extensive OutSystems knowledge. With his 20+ years of broad international experience in IT, especially in the manufacturing and process industry, we are very happy to welcome him to our team. With his preference for software development and process improvement, he gets to work advising and helping existing and new customers. “My passion lies in coming up with and developing the right business solutions. Understanding how a business process works and why people in an organization do what they do. Understanding what the problems are, where the bottlenecks and integration challenges are. So that we can create something beautiful with the right tools and people. To make the customer’s business more efficient and effective,” Micha says. With his expertise, Informed Group extends its OutSystems knowledge.

Making business processes functionally useful

As a little boy of four, Micha was already concerned with wanting to understand complex systems. For example, his grandmother lost him once in the Hema. After a long search, they found him under the shelves with products. Because from there he could follow the tubes and pipes even better. With the secure and user-friendly deployment of IT, Micha likes to improve business processes so that people, processes and technology fit together even better. This sometimes requires cleverly tying together different information systems without losing sight of the value of each individual system.

“I worked for 21 years at Almatis. A global producer of raw materials for alumina and alumina-based products. In various IT roles in the field of infrastructure and applications. In this way, I also bring a lot of experience in management on the customer side. I immediately see through the marketing story of suppliers. And therefore I think, like no other, that I can quickly understand what the customer really needs: A listening ear. And someone who really thinks along, helps and implements”.

Why Informed Group

After Almatis, Micha went to work as a trader in financial derivatives such as stocks and commodities. Partly because of corona, he felt the need to get back into teamwork. And that is precisely what he found at Informed Group. A close-knit team of committed, intelligent and enthusiastic colleagues. “At Informed Group, I also get the chance to help think about new business solutions and the role OutSystems plays in them. That appeals to me enormously. In the industry I come from, IT is often seen as a cost center instead of a value creator. Now I find myself in a role where IT is core business. And I’m in a team of like-minded people”.

Knowledge of OutSystems

Micha Sulman is happy to tell you about his knowledge and vision of OutSystems and Low-Code. Because it is precisely in the manufacturing industry, in government and in banking that all sorts of things have been implemented in recent years. From the IT promise of making the impossible possible. This has created a gaudy Christmas tree of various systems that are not, or poorly, communicating with each other. Get back to the core of what you use information systems for. Make the most of the classical system as it exists today. OutSystems is the ideal platform that can integrate a lot. It provides added value in bringing legacy applications and outdated information systems together. It offers mobile and web solutions. And it functions user-friendly and secure. Eager to talk to Micha so you can expand your knowledge of OutSystems? Please contact us.


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