Enthusiastic start to Young Professional Academy

Halverwege het jaar zijn we weer gestart met onze Young Professional Academy. Een opleiding waarin we nieuwe collega’s binnen twee maanden opleiden tot low-code consultants. We laten de komende weken onze nieuwe collega’s aan het woord om te vertellen over hun ervaringen. Vandaag is het de eer aan Elyas Boumejjane die zijn eerste werkweek beschrijft.

These clients preceded you

Halfway through the year, we started our Young Professional Academy again. A training program in which we train new colleagues to become low-code consultants within two months. We will be featuring our new colleagues in the coming weeks to talk about their experiences. Today it is the honor of Elyas Boumejjane describing his first week of work.

Enthusiastic start

Full of enthusiasm, I finally started the Young Professional Academy (YPA). Wonderful to be really working again. After a wonderful month-long vacation. And also after an intense move to my new home in Amsterdam. That move did bring some hectic activity. Like the layout of the house. Fortunately, I really enjoy doing this and am still working on it. Therefore, I had little time to properly prepare for YPA. At the outset, I was immediately reassured that I did not have to worry about this. With that reassurance, I was ready for my adventure to be trained as a low-code consultant.

Adventure trip Young Professional Academy

Immediately upon starting at the headquarters in Woerden, I could immediately enjoy the amazing adventure I have embarked on. I experience it as a learning journey in which I have the chance to develop myself into a professional low-code consultant. From the moment I was welcomed, I was eager with enthusiasm to take in new knowledge. Knowledge of developing web/mobile applications using the OutSystems low-code platform. Because that’s completely new to me.

Positive first impression Informed Group

The first day at the YPA was extra festive for me because of the end of Ramadan. My colleagues were kind enough to stop by and congratulate me. In addition, my manager offered to give me half a day off. Which allowed me to celebrate this special day for me with family and friends. I greatly appreciate how Informed Group handled this situation. Compliments for the way they consciously deal with the diversity of religion within the company. This totally gave me an extra good first impression of my new employer!!! Thus, on the first day of introduction, I only experienced the morning in the office. And was allowed to eat delicious cookies and candies at home in the afternoon!

Social skills and forward thinking

The second day I started extra early so I could properly set up my laptop with all the necessary apps and installations. Following this, we were given the basic explanation of all the apps that we will use for this purpose. I found it very interesting to learn which apps Informed Group itself considers important as a company and why.

We also had several interactive sessions with an external party YSE. They really taught us more about creative thinking and design. In these sessions we were really working on our soft skills. This already made me feel like a real consultant. We also gained a lot of knowledge in the broader spectrum of IT through the classes of colleague Ed Steenhoek. Ed is manager of Business Solutions. It was very inspiring, practical, and imaginative. Especially during the discussions we had about the future of IT.

On to more

After just one week, I feel like I’ve gained a lot of new knowledge. Knowledge that is truly valuable for the future. Therefore, I am very excited and curious about what else is to come. On to even more knowledge, skills and experience to successfully develop me into a valuable low-code consultant.


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