Documentum Information Management Accelerator

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The OutSystems Forge is a repository of reusable, open code modules, connectors, UI components, and business solutions to help speed up app delivery time. We are proud to announce that we have added a valuable licensed business solution. Our added solution is called Documentum Information Management Accelerator.

Valuable solution for OutSystems users

Our Documentum Information Management Accelerator is available for OutSystems users that also have OpenText™ Documentum™ implemented as their Enterprise Information Management platform. Or are willing to implement that.

What is this licensed solution?

Documentum Information Management Accelerator connects OutSystems-applications with the OpenText™ Documentum™ Enterprise Information Management platform. With this solution, you can create, search, read, modify, add and delete information (documents, content, metadata) under the control of enterprise governance. Start, process & finish tasks. Discover the Best ever User Experience and a Fast time-to-market.


  • By deploying this Documentum Information Management Accelerator, the customer can maximize the value of the Enterprise Information Management (EIM) system while delivering new functionality desired by the business much faster and with less development expertise.
  • It supports the digital transformation by securing all the energy and money that has been put into the realization of the EIM system as a modern Content Services platform.
  • This approach allows the budget to be used to deliver functionality to the businesses faster at a much lower cost. This removes the easy way out of Shadow IT and you connect users to a future-proof EIM platform: “Connecting People to the Enterprise”.
  • Accelerate the usage of your OpenText™ Documentum™ platform as a repository for documents, content and metadata behind your OutSystems applications.
  • Find and display documents, content and metadata within the context of your OutSystems application. From there you can modify and delete existing information or create and add new information.
  • Adhere to the security and authorisation as is governed by your corporate EIM platform.
  • Start, process and finish business processes and tasks that use documents and content from your EIM platform.
  • Provide an optimal user experience to your users of controlled information.
  • Modernize your corporate document management or enterprise information management platform without expensive migration.
  • Support the digital transformation with better ease of use, shorter time to market and reduced cost.

Ideal Solution

Documentum Information Management Accelerator makes it easy to continue your digital transformation and increase user adoption through outstanding user experience while maintaining the corporate standards and governance. Our solution reconnects the people and the enterprise. Deliver tailored applications that meet the user needs within the enterprise rules fast and cost-effective.

More information

Informed Group is a registered OutSystems partner since 2019. Check out the Forge in the OutSystems community, to jump-start your app development or go directly to our business solution, the Documentum Information Management Accelerator, go to this link.

Does your organization have a different EIM platform? Even then we can help. Please contact us via our contact form. Or press this orange button directly.


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