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2020 was a year that fundamentally changed people’s relationship with technology. For example, in the month immediately following the first lockdown (14 March to 14 April 2020), six million people – or 12% of the UK’s adults – made the switch to digital banking for the first time.

All the statistics suggest that the majority of those who moved online in 2020 will not start re-using offline resources when they are restored.

According to Gartner, 80% of companies now compete largely on the basis of the Customer Experience (CX) they provide – and the COVID-19 pandemic has only served to increase the importance of this.

In lockdown, with physical stores shut and call centres overwhelmed, the world moved decisively online – making digital CX a make-or-break issue for many companies. However, CX ≠ UX. To deliver a great customer experience, you must think about more than just the look and feel of your customer facing applications – you must think about the end-to-end process.

A modern application platform like OutSystems is ideal for creating the applications you need to support your customer journeys: new apps can be created in weeks and iterated in days – and incremental changes can be made in a few hours.

You can also leverage your existing in-house talent and skills without having to source additional scarce and expensive development resources.

But where should you start? What digital CX investments will deliver the greatest impact and the fastest ROI?

In this whitepaper, you will read in more detail about these topics:


The Third-Party Experience

Customer Self-Service

Creating Your Agile Digital CX Backbone

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Informed Group partners with OutSystems to deliver the best customer experience for intelligent information management. Combining low code and content services brings you a path into the future without throwing you existing investments into the bin.


Recent AIIM research among hundreds of information management professionals revealed several data point. One that we believe is important to you is this: Companies seeing improvement in the alignment of their information management strategies with their business strategies have purposefully focused on the needs and expectations of the customer, both internal and external.

This confirms Informed Group’s mission: Connecting People to the Enterprise. Building a bridge between users and information management.

We thank you for stopping by after the AIIM Virtual Summit and encourage you to reach out if we can help you in your journey!

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