Accelerate digital transformation through knowledge sharing

Accelerating digital transformation through knowledge sharing

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This week is all about inspiring, learning, sharing knowledge, meeting people and thinking ahead. Because we are immersed in the very latest developments surrounding the acceleration of the digital transformation. About solutions around Enterprise Information Management and Low-code. With which we continue to advise and support our customers optimally. Through consultancy and custom business solutions. Together with our leading partners, we like to think ahead to solutions. That is why it is crucial for us to know what new trends and developments are taking place among our partners. This is how we learn together to accelerate digital transformation through knowledge sharing.

Major global events from OutSystems and OpenText

Like with OutSystems and OpenText. Both partners are market leaders in the field of low-code and enterprise information management respectively. This week they both host their annual virtual conference. Independently, globally and grandly virtual.

NextStep 2021: the low-code platform event

On November 16 you can learn about the future of low-code app development online during NextStep 2021. The annual global low-code platform event from our partner OutSystems. Easy to follow online.
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Be Digital: OpenText World 2021

Want to learn from best practice models how to create a ‘digital-first’ world by simplifying information needs, transforming and accelerating implementations? If so, register immediately for free for the three-day virtual live tech event OpenText World 2021. Join us on November 16, 17 and 18.
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For more information. It would be better to go into it in more detail. You can also do this by talking to us.

Accelerating digital transformation through knowledge sharing

Both conferences are packed with innovative demo showcases, inspiring guest speakers, interesting breakout sessions and the chance to meet real experts. Want to know more about digital transformation? We like to share our knowledge. Afterwards, we would like to talk to you personally about our findings and associated solutions. Like Low-code for Enterprise Information Management. Contact us now.


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