Collaborative Partner Exchange for Documentum

Collaborative Partner Exchange for Documentum (Collaborative Partner Exchange) is a business solution that leverages the technical capabilities of Informed’s SPA4D (SharePoint Add-in for Documentum) platform. The add-in runs inside the Office 365 / SharePoint environment and behaves like any SharePoint Add-in. It provides access to the information in Documentum through a DFS (Documentum Foundation Services) environment. This architecture is independent of the location of the elements. Typical scenarios include: cloud, hybrid, and on-premise.

Controlled.  Create a new content upload location that is under quality control. Use a browse app-part for access to selected content through property values (DQL) or location (folder). Honour Documentum security and lifecycles. Use the search app-part to let them find authorised content using SharePoint facets.

Quality Control. Only content that meets your quality standards will be stored in the Documentum environment. The partner flags the content to be ready for review. Your quality officer picks up from there. After the check, content can safely be transferred into Documentum.

Isolation. Work with as many partners as you like but keep their working folders separated. Enrich these folders with read-only content to provide context relative to that individual partner. Or with editable content that only they should edit. All without these partners ever working in Documentum.

Automation. Give partners freedom to work with documents that have content types that they understand with only the meta data that is relevant. Upon transfer you can automatically transform this content into your DocTypes with required metadata enhancements (convert, skip or add) and other business rules that make it 100% genuine Documentum content.

Ease of Use. Technology has become a commodity to users. They expect certain behaviour, certain usage comfort. With the BYOD-wave, the expectation from users has increased to a level that is very well understood by Microsoft Office 365. That experience is now also available for Documentum content.

Expandable. Because no Documentum implementation is the same, it is possible to expand the product to neatly fit any environment. Include it in an xCP process. Include it in a D2 workflow. Include it as part of the Life Science industry solution.

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